What exactly is LWC?

LWC stands for Lightning Web Components. But what exactly are they? and Why do we need them? Let’s find it out in these LWC tutorial.

So, What is LWC?

  1. Salesforce introduced it as a new programming model.
  2. Or as some say, it is a new framework. And what does framework do? it provides a standard way to build and deploy applications.

In simple words, we can say

LWC provides a new way to build & deploy applications in salesforce !!! 

Why we need them?

Before getting bit selfish and just thinking about our own, lets first imagine why ‘Salesforce’ might have created LWC at first place?

Here, consider pond as the ‘Web Standards’ while the frog as ‘Salesforce’.

With LWC, Salesforce wants to jump in the Web Standards. 

Without getting technical, Web standards are guidelines for the mark-up language which determines how a web page displays in a visitor’s browser window.

Benefits of using web standards:

  1. Better performance because core features are implemented natively in web engines instead of in framework’s JavaScript.
  2. Faster loading sites – Since websites are properly structured, valid codes helps in decreasing the file size and the download time.
  3. Leverages custom elements, template
  4. Cross browser compatible

Above comparison clearly shows how Salesforce has moved to cover the web standards.

Now, we can jump to a short example.


import { LightningElement } from 'lwc';
export default class HelloWorld extends LightningElement {
message = 'Hello World';


    <lightning-card >


This example is just a hide and seeks to the LWC World.

So now, Let’s move to next part (PART 2) of our LWC tutorial to learn building our own Lightning Web Components.

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Till then,
Thanks for reading! & PEACE

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